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For Andrew’s lesson we are getting to know ourselves and what we are about as filmmakers, what our aspirations, intentions and skills are.

Here is my initial intentions questionnaire that I filled out in my first lesson…

FD 2 Film and Media 13-14

Name:  Joshua Adams

What kind of work you are into making?

Documentary film, Fiction. There is no specific genre or style of film that I wish to follow into, I am interested in film as a whole.

What are your inspirations? (or work that relates)

Other filmmakers, peoples stories. Particular filmmakers that I am influenced by… Danny Boyle, Edgar Wright, Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson, Micheal Mann, Gus Van Sant, Park Chan-Wook and many more.

At the moment though there are a group of young independent auteur filmmakers such as Gareth Evans, Gareth Edwards and Duncan Jones making films like The Raid, Monsters and Moon respectively.

These are young filmmakers who are making interesting and remarkable films for low budgets and getting cinema releases as well as critical and commercial acclaim, it is inspiring.

Creative challenges you will set yourself. Crucial skills that you want to/need to develop?

I am keen to expand my skill and understanding within Premiere and After Effects so that I am at a level high enough to get a Job within the industry when I leave College.

I am also in need of some serious development with Photoshop as it is the least developed of my skill sets when it comes to the area of work I like to do. I currently am trying to get involved with whatever I can as far as roles within film projects is concerned, I would like to have an all round skillset when it comes to filmmaking.

Current ambitions: What you want to go on to do on graduation, and strategies for making this happen?

My ambitions are to attempt to enter the industry as a junior/assistant editor and work my way up to become an editor on feature films.

My long term goal is to direct and edit feature films and documentaries.

Other areas of interest or practice that just might translate into or inform your filming practice, (anything from free-running to collecting butterflies).

Film and TV is my main hobby and past time. I do also enjoy writing music.

I will post about proposal shortly.




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