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For this course I will be submitting a short film titled ‘Frankie Got The Junk’ which is the second film from a local production company called ‘French Honey Films’ which I am working with.

I was the Editor and 1st A.D on their first film and it is currently in the later stages of post-production.

For this one I am taking the role of director and editor which is exactly where I would like to be in the future on a larger scale. The film is just about to go into pre production and is being shot between the 16th and 23rd of December 2013, we have a 12 member crew. I plan on handing in a theatrical trailer for the film if it is not completed by the deadline (which I believe to be the 10th January).

Here is the script for the film, it is still in need of a further rewrite but the basic layout is finalised…

Frankie Got The Junk

For this project I will be organising it from pre-production through to the final edit, I will keep a research portfolio consisting of all of my production notes and of every decision I make in order to be able to gain as much experience as I can.

I have not had the opportunity to solely direct a film with more than a couple of crew members before, I did gain a fair bit of experience as 1st A.D on the last project, but this one will help me to develop my leadership skills within a filmmaking environment.

From this project I hope to be able to take away a lot of experience from a directorial point of view, I have had a fair bit of experience editing within this level before so as for my directorial ambitions, this will be the film to iron out any misconceptions and confusions about what this role involves.


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