Title Sequence – First Attempt

Dear Blog,

My first attempt at greenscreening my title sequence inolved me using the studio at the college on Friday afternoon to try and get the footage I needed so that I could start my work in After Effects…this did not go well.

There were a couple of issues,

1. I could not get the lighting right, this was due to time restraints.

2. The plant pot that I purchased was gloss, so I had some serious issues with spill.

Here is a snapshot of the image I captured…


This image was not usable and after much consideration I decided to try again.

I purchased a new pot and tracked down a similar houseplant to the one used in the film, I also did some research and discovered that brown is not an ideal colour to use on a green screen as they are close on the colour spectrum.

I decided to purchase some green and blue pieces of card to build my own green/blue screen area at home to save me from any further time restraints and give me options for colour.

I then, after setting up my lights in the appropriate set up started to take photographs to get the settings as high quality as possible.

I have had some basic experience with green screen before and felt comfortable to handle this project with my current understanding.

My logic is to go to the edge of my ability and then it becomes apparent to my lecturer, who can then tell me which direction to go, in order to improve my understanding and ability.

I set up my DIY blue screen and decided to attempt option three from my previous blog, which was to cut my houseplant down step by step (with the help and steady hand of my beautiful fiancee and a great deal of guilt for what I was about to do) and then reverse it in post, here are some BTS shots to show the process(excuse the mess).

2013-10-19 22.44.49 2013-10-19 22.45.09 2013-10-19 22.45.33 2013-10-19 23.52.48 2013-10-19 23.52.54 2013-10-20 00.07.44

This is some of the collection of images I ended up with ( I also recorded 30secs of video per evolution to use if images turned out to be an issue)

IMG_4869 IMG_4866 IMG_4862 IMG_4860 IMG_4855 IMG_4850 IMG_4844 IMG_4841 IMG_4838 IMG_4834 IMG_4830 IMG_4823 IMG_4821 IMG_4817 IMG_4811 IMG_4807 IMG_4803 IMG_4798 IMG_4796 IMG_4790

These images work really well and are effective when keyed and masked. With cross dissolves between each image it gives a decent effect, I am impressed at this method but it still is not as good as I would like it to be.

I am currently in the final stages of colour grading the sequence and will hopefully have a rough edit of the sequence to show on Thursday.

Thanks for reading.


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