Saul Bass conclusion

Dear Blog,

So for after spending a week trying to recreate my Saul Bass themed title sequence I finally decided to abandon the idea.

After much discussion and thought I came to the conclusion that the idea was impractical and would set me back  quite a while. I had a discussion with Corrie and he said that usually a team of designers would be working on a project of the scale I was thinking, this grounded my ambitions and was a wake up call.

I cannot draw, this is a fact. I have trouble with drawing stick figures so this task was really difficult for me. Unfortunately my best attempt, which was created entirely in After effects with shape layers has been lost in this process, so I can only share some of the embarrassing attempts made along the way.

IMG_5021 IMG_5020 IMG_5017 IMG_4896 IMG_4894

These were designed in order to be simplified further in illustrator, but the idea never were brought to fruition.

Back to square one.



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