Key areas of learning

Dear Blog,

1. This project has pushed me to the limit of my creative knowledge and skill. I was heavily involved in the entire process of this film from writing through to editing. I recruited a large crew at various times to work with me and learned how important it is to command an authority as a director. It was an intimidating experience in which I made many mistakes and learned many lessons. I had creative control and kept an open line of creative contact with the crew, trying my best to allow creative input from others, as I strongly believe in collaboration and the input of others to create stronger work.

I learned more through the 11 days of production on this film than anything else I have done in the past when making films. It gave me a thirst for the position of director and gave me confidence by the end that I could lead a crew on a bigger production in the future.

2. I like to think that the film that I created toys with conventions of short films, the length of the film is pushing the limit of what is usually considered a short film. Also the subject and influence from another interest of mine (NES video games) fits the game within a niche and peculiar list of films. There was a touch of breaking the fourth wall in the original script which I expanded upon and used in a way that I have not seen in many other films in my experience.

3. In the original 11 page script the film would have fit into the ‘slacker comedy’ genre with a twist. Upon my expanding of the film to a 23 page script, it has taken a darker and more surreal twist and used elements of blacker comedy and drama to convey the message I wanted to get across.

4. At the beginning of the project I wanted to create a portfolio for future first time directors, so that they could follow the successful steps I had taken and avoid the mistakes I would most definately make. This slipped aside as it was an ambitious idea considering the amount of work I would have to do for the film. I instead attempted to be as thorough as possible to keep a production portfolio of any pre-production paperwork I needed to use for my module.


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