Dear Blog,

In order to find the necessary posts for Contemporary Film Practises module see the contents below.

All posts related to this module can be found in the Contemporary Film practises category.

Post titled – Bibliography of key references

Contains all of the key texts/films etc that I reference within my blogs for this module.

Post titled  – Schedule: plan of activities

This post contains all of the activities I completed to produce ‘Frankie Got the Junk’. It alos contains all paperwork that I completed for post production.

Post titled – Key areas of Learning

This post contains all of the answers to the questions required to show my learning process.

Post titled – Critical Evaluation

This post contains my critical evaluation about ‘Frankie Got the Junk’.

Post titled – Research, Experimentation and Development. 

This post contains all necessary tests, storyboards and workshop reactions.

Post titled – Trailers

Contains the trailers that I edited for Frankie Got the junk.

Post titled – Proposal

This post contains my proposal for the module.


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