Negotiated Major Production


Idea 1

A man wakes up in a dark room without walls, he is naked. There is smoke/fog in the room, he is alone. He has a conversation with two voices, they are God and the Devil, they start to fight for his soul. He tries to argue  with both and they ignore him. He breaks through their argument and explains the cruelty of existence, he never asked to be alive. He ends his speech, with offering them the choice, he doesn’t care anymore, he highlights the flaws in their creation. He wakes up in a hospital bed. Cut to black.

Idea 2

A story about two brothers, alone in a dark and scary forest being chased by a shadowy monster that represents their abusive father.

Idea 3

A young woman struggles with the loss of her unborn child, she tries to justify why this has happened to her so she looks into a new religion to help her make sense of it.

Idea 4

A conversation between two men, the night before they go to war for the first time.

Idea 5

A man gets hit by a car, he wakes in the lobby of a cinema, he gets up and talks to the woman at the counter, he looks at the monitor and there is only his name next to the words screen 1. she gives him a ticket to screen 1. He enters the screen and sits down. Two men come and sit beside him. They do not introduce themselves, they know him though. The film starts to play and it is a film about his life. We see the decisions he has made and the moments of good and evil that he has performed. The men either side of him watch on and start to take notes quietly beside him. He sits there laughing/crying/shocked/appalled/embarrassed. The men get up to leave and two lights light up at the fire exit doors in front of him. He can go left or right.



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