Frankie Got The Junk – Tackling the beast – Proposal.

Dear Blog,

I decided to face up to the challenge that was to complete Frankie Got The Junk, as a rough edit at least.

Let me first give a little bit of a back story about this film and the mammoth undertaking it turned out to be.

Frankie Got The Junk was an 11 page script that a friend of mine offered to me to direct, I took on the project gladly as I found the script amusing and charming but was aware that it needed some work.

Fast forward a couple of months and we are ready to start pre-production, I start panicking as I realised I have agreed to direct a project that I am struggling to connect with. What happened next was a serious rewrite with my friend and on my own accord. The project went ahead and it was filmed over 6 full days(and nights). It was christmas time and I was very ill so I expected mistakes.

After assessing the footage and having several test screenings with my peers, I realised that much of the film needed improving and as that was going to happen anyway, I may as well reshoot some of the scenes. The result was another 5 day intensive crash course in film making during February of 2014 and a reshoot of 90% of the original footage.

After looking at this new footage I was happy with my decision and the journey of post-production would begin. I decided to enter the first act of the film as my submission for my ‘Contemporary Film Practises’ module and achieved a decent grade. The journey to that point was a very difficult and stressful one but it was also one of the most enriching experiences I have had a s a filmmaker and especially as a director.

Fast forward till now (July 2014) and I have had an extension on my Negotiated  final major project, I have made several films since I started making FGTJ, I am a much more adept and confident director, but I still have this niggling irritation in my back catalogue, Frankie Got The Junk.

For my Negotiated Major Production, I have decided to try and complete the edit of Act 2 and 3 of Frankie Got The Junk.  I would also review Act 1 and make any amendments that seem beneficial.

So I am approaching this project as an editor, which I will explain in more detail.

To be successful as a filmmaker I believe that I require a certain variety of skills, I also feel that I need one that stands out and can get me noticed. I have been editing in Premiere since I was 16 years old, I find myself growing more and more confident as I edit each new project, I have edited over 25 projects in 2014 so far and feel that my knowledge and skill is increasing. Now that has been said, I believe I need to stay sharp and hone my skills over time, trying out as many different styles as possible in order to discover my own.

Here is a quote that sums up editing to me, by the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The film is made in the editing room. The shooting of the film is about shopping, almost. It’s like going to get all the ingredients together, and you’ve got to make sure before you leave the store that you got all the ingredients. And then you take those ingredients and you can make a good cake – or not.

Philip Seymour Hoffman
And here is a video that makes me appreciate editing as an art form.
I have acquired  roles on films by my skill in editing, there is something that has brought issues as I have taken on bigger and more ambitious projects, my focus and motivation.
Don’t get me wrong, when I take on a project for a client or colleague as an editor I complete it on time or ahead if possible, it is when I have control over the release date of my film, if there is no deadline I can become distracted and get excited by new projects, letting old edits fall to the side. This has happened with ‘Frankie Got The Junk’ and that is why I have chosen to try and complete this for my Negotiated Major Production.
What I hope to gain from is module is a much more focused and determined attitude towards my craft and to treat it as a professional project working towards a deadline.
I hope have justified my reasons for choosing an older project and bringing it forward as my submission for my Negotiated Major Production.




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