Behind The Junk

Dear Blog,

I needed a break from the seriousness of editing the actual film of Frankie Got The Junk, so I decided to jump ahead and get to work on the credits,  I had several Ideas.

1. Simple Text and rolling credits on black screen (Keep it simple, let the ending breathe and let the shift in tone linger).

2. An 8-bit animation featuring the main characters as the story is retold in this style next to credits.

3. A flashy, jump cut driven ‘Dub-step’ sequence to return to the tone of the  middle act of the film.

I then had an idea to use some of the behind the scenes footage in a small box while the credits roll next to it, this is the idea I have settled on.

However, as I watched some of this footage, I couldn’t help but become nostalgic and felt that other members of the cast and crew were probably as disengaged from the project as I was before I returned to the edit. I gathered up every single deleted scene/out take I could find and started working  on a behind the scenes asa gift for the cas and crew.

While in production on the film we had a couple of people whose sole responsibility it was to capture behind the scenes footage, one of them came up with a name for the documentary, ‘Behind The Junk’ so I began work on a very special version just for the people involved in production.

I will be making one for the public closer to the release date of the film and will still be adding a short taster version next to the credits on the final cut of the film.

I hope that this can contribute towards my Negotiated Major Production.

Here is the link the film:

Please note, there is some very strong language, be warned.




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