Workflow/Visual Effects/Reshoots

Dear Blog

I have completed the edit of Frankie Got the Junk as far as I can go at this point.


Here is the timeline of the  first Act of Frankie Got The Junk as edited for my previous hand in for ‘Contemporary Film Practises’:

Act 1 old timeline


Here is the Finished timeline for this submission:


I have adjusted and made changes to Act one which are noticeable when comparing to the export I handed in for  ‘Contemporary Film Practises’

Everything highlighted in this image is what I have started from scratch for this module:

End Timeline


I made several important additions to this project in order to demonstrate my professional working practises.

As seen below I kept a very tidy and organised source folder for every file I would be using. This is very important towards the efficiency of my workflow as an editor and will I strive to incorporate this on future projects.


I also kept tidy and organised ‘Bins’ to further increase my workflow as seen below:



I kept a very tidy and organised project, I also made sure to save all of my dynamic links within one After Effects and Premiere project file  in order to not break any of the Dynamic links as this is an issue commonly found with After Effects heavy projects.

Visual effects

Here are some screen grabs of some of the visual effects that I have done for Frankie Got The Junk  for this module.

Act 1.Still014

Act 1.Still015

Act 1.Still013

Act 1.Still001

Act 1.Still002

Act 1.Still003

Act 1.Still005

Act 1.Still007

Act 1.Still008

Act 1.Still009


The above screen replacement in particular was difficult, it involved designing a title screen for our fictional game, ‘Janku Man’ and tracking the screen as the machine moves stlightly as the actor leans on it.

The Kill Screen

Act 1.Still011



Based on the 256th level of Ms Pacman



On the first part of production on this film, we shot a Pacman style maze sequence but due to restrictions on locations, I was unable to get it to match my original vison and I feel that the quality of this scene is dragging down the overall quality of the film. I am still absolutely in love with the concept so I have arranged to reshoot this scene between the 7th-10th September 2014. This will be added to the film shortly after that.


These two small scenes will also be reshot, for the second time as both previous times we had time restraints and were unable to capture the essence of the original vision I had for them.


All three opening tracking shots will be reshot due to my dislike of the performance and some serious focus issues with the footage. I have already had to ADR the first two scenes due poor audio and will be doing so again regardless of the quality of the audio captured on the day.



Currently I ave in place three songs written specifically for this film, however a lot of the background music and opening theme is obviously unusable for copyright reasons, they are just in place to establish the tone I am after. I have a band currently recording the opening song for the film and I am in talks with several other musicians to use their music.


There is still a large amount of audio work to complete for this film and I am in the process of organising a day with both lead actors to ADR the entire film as I have come to realise that to truly make  a ‘cinematic’ film, high quality sound is immeasurably important. The audio still needs to be mastered and the levels are all over the place currently, this will be something that will be done last due to the addition of new material soon.


There are various visual effects that still need to be completed but the main focus will be getting the effects done for the below image.

Act 1.Still010




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